HAIR BAGS for close to scalp HighLights

                       since 1978

HAIRBAGS. These thin caps have no holes.  The most popular is medium size. Whatever size you choose remember they can be stretched to fit tight  for close to scalp streaks.

specify:     small..... med.....  Large

pk 50 $24......   

pk 100 $44....   

deal 200 $84  

 deal 300  $124

deal 500 $198  

Hook Kit. includes 3 assorted  original steel hooks and one with handle. All machine filed for easy close to scalp pull out of hair strands. In soft pouch. $14

Hooks (single) machine filed         #9,#10,#12     $2.65        


A no run mineral based lightener that lightens fast while depositing color molecules that stay in hairshaft once hair is rinsed.

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HUSHABYE BLONDE. Mix 4-6  scoops of Chamomile Yellow with 40 vol time....20 min. No heat.  2lbs   $34.95



Pull through 75% hair strands 1/4 inch apart and appy mix of BRONZER and 20-30 volume developer and time for 10-20 minutes, no heat. Rinse and apply Hot Shot Intense for 5-10 minutes at sink. Shampoo and style..

BRONZER       1 /12 lb.   $27  

Hot Shot.           4 oz       $12

            Rule #1 

Mix Chamomiles to Toothpasteconsistency. For extra fluffy mix use Extender.   9 oz   $23

CHAMOMILE YELLOW...for a perfect Hushabye blonde Tone. This conditioning lightener deposits natural clay tinted pigments which won't wash out. . Lightens 5-6 stages in 15-20 minutes (no heat) leaving hair toned and shiny.  15 oz  lb  $18   2lb $35

CHAMOMILE WHITE. Lighten 7 stages. Infuses clay polymers to fill hair cortex with conditioners during the lightening process. Heat  not required. Great with foiul or hairbags. Won't run or drip.   15 oz lb $17  2lb  $34

call to order  386 451 4768  **most credit cards

CHAMOMILE GOLD. A little deeper color tone. Great for med brown hair to render deeper golden highlights. Pull fewer strands out for a soft color. Time for 10-20 minutes to have max light and deposit.  15 oz $22  33 oz     2lbs $37

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